Saturday, November 12, 2005


Everyone is giving away something.

Well Sunrocket VoIP Broadband Phone Service is now available with a Free Multi Handset Uniden Cordless Phone.
Packet8 Broadband Phone is now offering Free Equipment and Free Activation so the total start up cost is now only 19.95 which is simply the fist months billing.
iConnectHere VoIP Service by Delta3 is now offering free shipping to ANYWHERE in the world so that is great for folks, well, just about anywhere.
Broadband Phone Services list of insider VoIP Articles contines to grow and expand with the latest one The Best VoIP Phone Companies Offer Unlimited Calling and Features giving a great breakdown of Lingo, Packet8 and SunRocket.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Some Cool Stuff to check Out

Been bouncing around finding all types of stuff to check out and play with. 
If you are still in the land line world but want to get Discount Long Distance is a great tool to check rates from a bunch of providers at one time.
I have been working hard to track down a good Dallas Web Site Optimization Firm and have found a few and think I have to say DFW Based MasterLink is probally the best top ranking web design company I can find.  They certainly have a staff of real experts and even offer free SEO Seminars if you happen to live close to DFW.
VoIP Hunt Continues to roll out new resources the most recent is a City Specific Search for 600 Texas Cities for VoIP and Cell Phone Services.  Right now it is just a list but I am sure the project is on the way to make it as functional as all their other tools. 
Broadband Phone Services has brought back Lingo Broad Band Phone into their good graces so visitors can once again get Free Calling to Western Europe.
That's all for now I will see what else I can manage to dig up

Friday, November 04, 2005


Microsoft Gets Into the VoIP Wold with a Bang!

Bang?  Well via buy out as per usual I just got this from Fierce VoIP,


Microsoft acquires VoIP developer

Microsoft said it has acquired, a 23-employee Zurich-based company that develops VoIP business applications. The software giant says it plans to incorporate Media-Streams' technologies into its corporate IM platform, Microsoft Office Live Communications Server (LCS) and its Office productivity tools. Media-Streams' software is already integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. The deal's financial terms were not disclosed. The move follows Microsoft's acquisition of VoIP startup Teleo this summer. Microsoft is incorporating Teleo's technology into its consumer IM service, MSN Messenger. The company's latest purchase will help it add VoIP to the Office Live platform, which already supports real-time communications via IM.

For more on Microsoft's VoIP strategy:
- read this CNET
- and this InformationWeek article


I personaly think this is another example of these boys showing they have more money then brains.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Great Cell Phone Site

This looks like a great cell phone site with offers from the big providers for each state.

Cell Phone Offers by State



Saturday, August 20, 2005


Another Cool Article

Unlimited Broadband Phone Service Options - Who's the Best? – You may want to give this one a read.

Friday, August 19, 2005


2.7 millionn Americans paid for VOIP in Q2 2005

TeleGeography found 2.7 mln US VOIP subscribers nationwide in Q2 2005, compared with just 440,000 in Q2 2004. The revenue generated from consumer VoIP services remained relatively small, at $220 mln, but that is expected to change quickly. TeleGeography forecasts annual VoIP revenue hitting $3 bln by 2007.


2.7 Million Americans paid for VOIP in Q2 2005


Now that is some serious growth!



Very Good Article

I just read a great article called Internet Phone Broad Band Phone Service is Reaching More Users - By Mark Thompson, Staff Writer at Broadband Phone Services dot Com.  You may want to give it a read.



8x8 launches online community

VoIP and videophone service provider 8x8 has launched an interactive online community. The Packet8 Online Community allows users to network, post blogs, create forums, get technical support, list classified ads, share business tips and learn about Internet phone service with users worldwide. Many of the company's employees, including CEO Bryan Martin, have created their own blogs. The company cites a September 2004 AC Neilsen study that found that 40 percent of Americans say they participate in online communities. Viewing and participation in the Packet8 Online Community is open to the general public and free of charge.

For more details on the Packet8 Online Community: - read this company press release

Looks like the smaller IP providers are the ones who get how to really win over clients for life,

Debby Tailor


Thursday, August 18, 2005


New Stuff I found On Line

First if you are one of the people asking yourself Should I Get Broadband Phone Service the do check out this article by Tom Downs it is quite full of insight.

Next Business customers can now take advantage of Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) without having to upgrade or replace their current telephone systems. Denver-based IPtimize, Inc., a Managed VoIP (Voice-over-IP) Solutions Provider serving small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs), announced today that it has launched VoIP Connect, a telephone-line (“trunk-line”) replacement service that allows businesses to put voice traffic onto existing broadband Internet connections.VoIP is a technology that allows end users to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. You can read the press release here.

Last on this posting you may want to check out Marc Cummings blog called Broadband Phone VoIP Happenings to see what his insights on the industry are,



Broad Phone Service Options

This is a great break down of the broad phone service options afforded by VoIP Carriers. I love the fact that you can actually take a broadband phone to and international market and then call the US unlimited. This is great for Military Familes, Travlers, etc. Seems there is more then one way to skin the international cat!

iPhone2 Inc. today announced that the Company has begun conducting an extensive beta test of its unique video phone and VoIP service. The service will initially be made available to a closed group of approximately 100 testers who have signed up for a pre-launch test. These testers will have an opportunity to experience the latest in video phone technology.

VoIP Video Phone Service is pretty cool but providers like Packet8 have had it for quite a while.

I also have noticed that as hot as VoIP seems to be Joe Consumer in general is still pretty much in the dark. Vonage is about the only group advertising online and their success is limited.

For companies planning major migrations to VoIP I found a planning guide that may be very useful There are 10 critical questions every business MUST ask before launching into VoIP. These are mission critical considerations for every service provider. You'll find a well layed out Planning Guide at

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